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Proposed Indoor Jasper Place Tennis and Pickleball Facilities

The proposed structure will consist of the following:

  • An air supported dome covering the existing tennis courts. The existing courts would to be resurfaced and two of the courts would be designed to fit 8 pickleball courts.

  • Dome would include entrance hall/viewing area and building equipment area (air makeup unit and electrical panel). The proposal is to connect the dome structure to the existing change room building onsite. Work to update washrooms, change rooms, and storage area would be required.

  • Additional parking area will be considered.

Project Timeline and Status

  • November 2021: Proposal submitted through a Request for Expression of Interest process to construct and operate an air supported structure for tennis and pickleball facilities in the City of Edmonton.

  • August 2022: In support and close cooperation with the City’s representatives, we are currently finalizing the strategy phase of the City's community-led construction process and have started to work on the next phases. Our goal is to complete these stages by the middle of 2023.

Current Courts in Edmonton

  • The map shows inventory of similar surrounding private and public tennis courts.

  • There are a limited number of indoor public tennis courts, as well as private indoor courts located at Royal Glenora (7 courts), Derek club (4 courts) and the Saville Centre at the University of Alberta (8 courts).

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