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IQ Tennis and Pickleball Centre Proposed Facilities

  • Air supported dome covering 8 existing tennis courts. The existing courts will be resurfaced and two of the courts to be remade to fit 8 pickleball courts.

  • Dome includes entrance hall, building equipment area (HVAC unit and AC unit, west side of dome), and connects to existing building with updated washrooms, change rooms, and storage area.

  • Location: Jasper Place Park (Johnny Bright Sports Park)

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A-502 SITE PLAN CAD 2000.jpg
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Facility Services

  • Tennis and pickleball lessons, incl. private (one-on-one) and group lessons

  • Tournaments - children and adults

  • Camps for children and adults

  • Round-robin sessions

  • Recreational programs and community events (tennis & pickleball demonstrations; mini lessons - free or at reduced cost, special classes for persons with disabilities, etc.)

  • Fitness and basic tennis/pickleball preparation

  • Lockers and washrooms

  • Court time booking & Drop-in game time for the public

  • School associated programs


Funding & Budget

  • Project Budget: $2,956,000

  • Project Funding: Our group has secured a $1,000,000 investment for construction of the proposed facility. The project also qualifies for a $200,000 ROGERS construction grant. The plan to cover the shortfall is through government grants, private loans and various fundraising events.

  • Fee Structure: The fee structure is based on annual membership fees, hourly fees for court rentals, and participant fees for different programs. The fees will be similar or less than other city facilities. A discount will be available for various groups (see website).

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